About the digital economy and technology in South Australia

The Department of State Development aims to create online opportunity for all South Australians.

The South Australian Government recognises that broadband is the utility of the 21st century and that all South Australians are entitled to broadband connectivity.

However, connectivity alone is not enough to create a vibrant economy and engaged community - we also need to encourage digital literacy across South Australia.

The Department of State Development promotes and supports digital and technology developments within government, business and community sectors, ensuring that strategic policy is developed for economic and social benefit to the State.

Working together with business, industry and the community, the Department seeks to help all South Australians get connected.

Our priorities

  • Ensuring every South Australian has access to broadband
  • Promoting digital literacy as foundation skills for all South Australians
  • Building digital skills capability across the State
  • Building a digital economy powered by innovation and technology
  • Encouraging local businesses to develop and use online content to underpin the State’s digital economy
  • Developing best practice and models for localised digital economies
  • Positioning South Australia to take advantage of national initiatives

Contact us

Phone: (08) 8207 8701

Mail to:
Department of State Development 
GPO Box 320
Adelaide SA 5001.